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I searched a word in a folder, say “word” what the windows search does is it returns the result containing files with names like “hello-word”,etc but the ones with the name “sayinghello”…that’s fucking ridiculous after so many years of “making” an OS
However this explains why no one uses Bing ever ;)..

So try grep in Ubuntu is my recommendation


Starting to work on an Open Source Project can be challenging..But hold on, have you tried using the irc?
Google it! Its there for every project in FOSS and they are really friendly people ready to help you in all possible ways..

Lately I have realized that I am far behind many persons in my context of work(coding). I can say that this is due to lack of facilities at my place-lack of internet connectivity, no Open-Source awareness in the country also I started to use a PC in class 6 and had got my own in 11th ..well I know that’s lame but true and millions of other reasons but that’s for the past now…
Thus I am trying to catch up now by running and I shall be on this path as long as it takes to be on the top..maybe eternity
Hence proved why I am running 🙂

Recently my love to code and lack of help locally(in coding) let me to discover new places to work on..That’s how I landed on MW, they are fun people to work with ..talking on the irc with them is cool and so is their codebase

I didn’t first come to WP to write blogs..I created an account just to see what it is, how it works.
Thinking blogging is only for stars like Amir Khan or Amitabh Bacchan I never thought of blogging (why would someone read it?why would someone care to comment?)..
But then today I thought it would be a good Diary thing..That can help me keep track of my progress in all fields and also a Time-Machine to look back at my past(How foolish I was..bla bla)

So here I am blogging 🙂