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Yesterday I did a fantastic thing, I developed a crawler for SQL Injection in Python, so what’s funny here?

I don’t know python, all I did was pick up someone’s code of a crawler and modified it a lot to make it perform the intended tasks. This was my second attempt to detect SQL Injection, earlier I also made a tokenization stuff  for the same in PHP. Python turned out to be fun, looking forward to learn more 🙂


Using PHP is the easiest thing these days. NO, you don’t even have to buy a book just the PHP manual available for free download is enough. It has proper documentation and examples. I consider myself good at debugging and so I am learning PHPUnit testing today 🙂

Recently my Girlfriend has reached the heights of hotness, which everyone would otherwise considered as a very attractive feature of hers but has put my mind to deep concerns regarding her life.

Introducing my girlfriend is Sony Vaio-VPCEA23EN which after the Ubuntu 11.10 installation has crossed all bounds of hotness to 50-60 degrees.On googling I found this useful link that solved my problem to some extent but I am still not satisfied with it
Here’s the link for you.

But on Windows her temperature is 40-50 degrees. But a developer like me will still prefer Ubuntu

Here I have shared a few links to the important docs for FOSS development
This is for my own remembrance and also to help newbies