This post is about my experience at NITK, what I expected it to be, what I think it should have been and what I learnt from it (too much confusion in here). If you think the title seems to be taken from somewhere, yes it has been partly stolen 😉

Life in any Indian Engineering college consists of 4 parts (the for short years), but you never know how many more you end up making from it. So lets start to explore each year a bit.

First year
Life normally flows in this year, everything’s new and exciting. Any small event in college is like a “Mela” for the first years. Lots of advises come from drunk seniors, who learnt a lot and want you to know things beforehand; but you always get to ride the bike once. This year for me went mostly in raging and JEE preparation (please don’t do this). The raging part was awesome (no I am not lying). Raging is not good in general but to smaller extents it is a great way to know your seniors and classmates; I am still not sure if I totally oppose of it being illegal. From a programming point of view, I learned C this year (never knowing this will be kinda destiny).

Second year
This part of life- taken too carelessly, actually moulds your life. I am still confused what one should do in this phase, is it study? or aiwai-gupshup? or Hollywood? or seasons (strictly from the west)? or some kinda complex relationship ? Well I think I have had a little of all of these and I am still not content. This year is definitely a must year to do lots of stuff; be it making valuable,trustworthy friends or spend hours/days/months on your new *shiny* laptop or building your taste of music or whatever. Its never less stuff you can do. I preferred to keep study at a low priority this year and ended up screwing my GPA, I do blame that as an effect of my personal life stuff (not gonna discuss that over here). A lesson was learnt here -> never screw up your GPA, whether you learn anything or not.
Besides many find a guy/gal to keep them busy in this year, that is something I would say is worth a try too 😛

Third year
Hmm, now comes the time when you see your future head-on. Stupid stuff like placement tension, CAT/GRE preparation would come to life. Plus the problem of not getting a cool internship because of your screwed up GPA would constantly scream in your head (Little secret recipe here- try GSoC). This year I had ended up stuff that had backed me from my career path and started to focus on what to *really* learn. My GSoC came across this year’s end and was one of the most yielding experience till now. This year one should totally get into the gist of his/her subject and catch up on all that you lost enjoying for two years. Remember, a harder third year only leads to an awesome final year.

Final year
This year for me has just started and I am already writing this post too early. Not much to say, but this year is mostly about getting a “job” which I think is better the early you get. Recommendations for this year come in two ways, Enjoy! and Work Hard!. A little difficult choice to make here but I am still trying to keep my foot in both boats here.