Most of my philosophical thoughts come from the Bathroom, like this one. And finally I decided to pen it down here so I could laugh about it someday in the future. Here it is:

I don’t know if I believe in God, I definitely don’t believe in religion but the habit of constantly asking God to give me things, grant my wishes hasn’t left me.. I would blame my parents for cultivating that in me.

Strange thing I realized though is how our demands keep changing. For instance, when 2 years back I prayed to God I was being the least selfish guy on earth and I prayed for other’s happiness even though I know it would hurt me. Now when that happened (God knows if it was He who listened or just the order of random events) all I have is pain. I realized that somewhere deep deep down I am not happy and silently praying God to return my happiness.

I am sure God must be in a dilemma if he has been listening to me but I guess same is the story of every other guy?