Generally there are two types of people we would come across. The know it all ones, those who consciously or unconsciously always know what they want from life and the other kind who usually go with the flow. You can easily classify people in these two groups. Lets call the first kind, the ferocious ones and the second the mellow ones.

The Ferocious always has a target, the mellow knows only the path. The ferocious wants to reach the target but may not know how to reach there. The mellow is happy in just treading the path. The ferocious can get very grumpy when things don’t work their way, the mellow doesn’t bother so much. I hope you get the point. This post is about understanding ourselves better and taking the right approach towards life.

I think Jobs was one of the most ferocious people I can think of, he knew what to build but not how to build it. He would be more obsessed with things than even the people who know it all. On the other hand Bezos would be one of the mellow people, he seems humble, knows how to make the right decisions and has that proper straight line graph in life. Both of these are very successful persons, but not everyone is as talented and lucky as them and don’t easily win their races in life. When mellow people fail they just toss it up and keep going. Ferocious people on the other take their failures to their heart, they keep tumbling over it. Well, for them the target meant everything.

Lets take an example, since long I have seen there have been articles preaching the need to be happy with oneself. And it has almost always been preached to people who have had a failed relationship. But does it actually makes sense? Can a person who wants someone to be around be happy with oneself?

Let’s take another example of a career path. Everyone loves different things. While one person may find wild life fascinating another person may find computers more fascinating. Now if a person is stuck in the wrong career can they be okay with it?

Knowing what you want can sometimes be dangerous and we often need to calm down to reality.  Whenever we fall, we need to pick ourselves up.