Hi! I am Nischay Nahata

Currently, I am a software engineer residing in the silicon valley of India.

I graduated from NITK,Surathkal pursuing my bachelors in IT (though it sounds like IT it is basically just CS and I myself don’t know why they named it IT). I enjoyed my first and second ignoring what my teachers rambled and completing every unwatched English TV series (not all actually one life is short for that :p)

Then in my 3rd year I started to take my career seriously again (last I did that was when I wrote JEE and cleared it :-). This was when I actually started programming, I know it was pretty late and I don’t feel bad about it as John Lennon said “Time wasted enjoying, was not wasted”. However, since then I never looked back, I realized I needed some nice project to work on and so I began my search for an internship (forgot to mention I had done work at NIC earlier, but work at a govt. place shouldn’t be called work, its just pure shit). Wanting to do some real work I wasn’t looking for any “juggad”, this was when I got a mail about the announcement of GSoC (I had subscribed to their blog the earlier year, but due to lack of internet connectivity I never worked towards it, but this year I had internet many many thanks to my college for that) . So I started to look for some nice project and organization, ended up interested in mediawiki and finally after about a month of struggle (so I call it) I finally got the golden chance. I got to work with a nice project (neither too complex nor too trivial), from here I took interest into various design concepts, importance of maintainable code and since then till now I have been trying to learn more and more.

Just a little more –
I started to participate in StackExchange sites, read programming books (not those 21days ones 😉 and
continuing to work in open source projects. If you actually read this far thanks for your patience. Comments are welcome

My CV can be found here