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Generally there are two types of people we would come across. The know it all ones, those who consciously or unconsciously always know what they want from life and the other kind who usually go with the flow. You can easily classify people in these two groups. Lets call the first kind, the ferocious ones and the second the mellow ones.

The Ferocious always has a target, the mellow knows only the path. The ferocious wants to reach the target but may not know how to reach there. The mellow is happy in just treading the path. The ferocious can get very grumpy when things don’t work their way, the mellow doesn’t bother so much. I hope you get the point. This post is about understanding ourselves better and taking the right approach towards life.

I think Jobs was one of the most ferocious people I can think of, he knew what to build but not how to build it. He would be more obsessed with things than even the people who know it all. On the other hand Bezos would be one of the mellow people, he seems humble, knows how to make the right decisions and has that proper straight line graph in life. Both of these are very successful persons, but not everyone is as talented and lucky as them and don’t easily win their races in life. When mellow people fail they just toss it up and keep going. Ferocious people on the other take their failures to their heart, they keep tumbling over it. Well, for them the target meant everything.

Lets take an example, since long I have seen there have been articles preaching the need to be happy with oneself. And it has almost always been preached to people who have had a failed relationship. But does it actually makes sense? Can a person who wants someone to be around be happy with oneself?

Let’s take another example of a career path. Everyone loves different things. While one person may find wild life fascinating another person may find computers more fascinating. Now if a person is stuck in the wrong career can they be okay with it?

Knowing what you want can sometimes be dangerous and we often need to calm down to reality.  Whenever we fall, we need to pick ourselves up.



It’s 1:47 and I am yet not able to sleep. Why?

Let’s try to understand this problem, called as insomnia by literate folks using some background from mathematics. If you can recall a chapter from your maths textbook of 11th or 12th grade called Mathematical Induction you were probably great at maths. If you want to try to solve it yourselves go ahead before you read the spoiler below.

Getting back to the original question of why can’t we sleep? To answer that let me ask you when did you last sleep? If your answer to this is “very late” continue reading.

Sleeping late for the first night is usually a result of sleeping through the day. However this habit usually (unless it’s Monday and you gotta work) develops further and further… It’s like the tiles falling one by one as shown in the picture


Sleeping late causes late wake up followed by dizziness and which is further followed by more daytime sleep. Thus leading to an endless number of sleepless nights.

Unless stopped by some external force such as your boss this process will keep going on and on..

Hence proved.

Most of my philosophical thoughts come from the Bathroom, like this one. And finally I decided to pen it down here so I could laugh about it someday in the future. Here it is:

I don’t know if I believe in God, I definitely don’t believe in religion but the habit of constantly asking God to give me things, grant my wishes hasn’t left me.. I would blame my parents for cultivating that in me.

Strange thing I realized though is how our demands keep changing. For instance, when 2 years back I prayed to God I was being the least selfish guy on earth and I prayed for other’s happiness even though I know it would hurt me. Now when that happened (God knows if it was He who listened or just the order of random events) all I have is pain. I realized that somewhere deep deep down I am not happy and silently praying God to return my happiness.

I am sure God must be in a dilemma if he has been listening to me but I guess same is the story of every other guy?

This post is about my experience at NITK, what I expected it to be, what I think it should have been and what I learnt from it (too much confusion in here). If you think the title seems to be taken from somewhere, yes it has been partly stolen 😉

Life in any Indian Engineering college consists of 4 parts (the for short years), but you never know how many more you end up making from it. So lets start to explore each year a bit.

First year
Life normally flows in this year, everything’s new and exciting. Any small event in college is like a “Mela” for the first years. Lots of advises come from drunk seniors, who learnt a lot and want you to know things beforehand; but you always get to ride the bike once. This year for me went mostly in raging and JEE preparation (please don’t do this). The raging part was awesome (no I am not lying). Raging is not good in general but to smaller extents it is a great way to know your seniors and classmates; I am still not sure if I totally oppose of it being illegal. From a programming point of view, I learned C this year (never knowing this will be kinda destiny).

Second year
This part of life- taken too carelessly, actually moulds your life. I am still confused what one should do in this phase, is it study? or aiwai-gupshup? or Hollywood? or seasons (strictly from the west)? or some kinda complex relationship ? Well I think I have had a little of all of these and I am still not content. This year is definitely a must year to do lots of stuff; be it making valuable,trustworthy friends or spend hours/days/months on your new *shiny* laptop or building your taste of music or whatever. Its never less stuff you can do. I preferred to keep study at a low priority this year and ended up screwing my GPA, I do blame that as an effect of my personal life stuff (not gonna discuss that over here). A lesson was learnt here -> never screw up your GPA, whether you learn anything or not.
Besides many find a guy/gal to keep them busy in this year, that is something I would say is worth a try too 😛

Third year
Hmm, now comes the time when you see your future head-on. Stupid stuff like placement tension, CAT/GRE preparation would come to life. Plus the problem of not getting a cool internship because of your screwed up GPA would constantly scream in your head (Little secret recipe here- try GSoC). This year I had ended up stuff that had backed me from my career path and started to focus on what to *really* learn. My GSoC came across this year’s end and was one of the most yielding experience till now. This year one should totally get into the gist of his/her subject and catch up on all that you lost enjoying for two years. Remember, a harder third year only leads to an awesome final year.

Final year
This year for me has just started and I am already writing this post too early. Not much to say, but this year is mostly about getting a “job” which I think is better the early you get. Recommendations for this year come in two ways, Enjoy! and Work Hard!. A little difficult choice to make here but I am still trying to keep my foot in both boats here.

Claiming to be “SOCIAL” we humans continually try to do things to prove that we are in fact social beings, but ARE WE?

Long time back, we settled into civilizations all across the globe, we even tried to populate the moon and the Mars, we grew larger and larger in numbers started to build stuff, discover things, imagine things and what not. With this approach we kept on doing things thinking only of the near future (ofc we cannot think beyond that). While doing this we cut off lots of trees and forests and never cared about them.

Suddenly, we see now everyone is worried about the Global Warming, Extinction of Species and other issues that we try to address now. We tend to move to renewable sources of energy to minimize our impact on the world, become Vegans, not use leather products, etc. When asked “why?” we say “because we are social and we believe all living beings have equal shares on the earth”, REALLY??

The Ugly Truth is that we are concerned of our own future and nobody else’s. We only try to look social to hide from our inner self, but the bottom-line is we are GREEDY

P.S. I don’t know why I am writing this, probably I am fussed enough by the useless acts of people who state we are social