Yay!! I got into GSoC’12

It has been a very nice experience so far for me that I thought of writing about it. Hope it might end up somewhere in the Google results for the query “how to do a GSoC?” and help some fellow coders.

Let’s get it started!

For anything that you don’t understand please fire up Google with the to know more about the stuff. I don’t have time to point all such query results to you 😛 and you should at least know how to search the web.

What you should already know/be/have:
• You should have a good internet connection (A must as GSoC involves working on-line most of the time).
• Know some programming language(s) (even beginner level is fine). C/PHP/C++/Python/Java are common languages you can learn. But try to get deeper expertise in one.
• Get some knowledge of what Open Source Organizations are and how they work and also learn about Openhatch.org
• Have a summer (2-3 months) available for full time dedication to the job – I am sure you have this 🙂

That’s enough! Go to ‘How to start’ as soon as possible (don’t waste much time just thinking, but act)

How to start?
• Learn what is Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and how it works.
• Now that you know about IRC you can find the channel #gsoc using your favourite IRC client and talk to anyone. (This is a great place to ask but please try finding the answers yourself first)
• See the list of participating Organizations for this year (if available) and previous year, filter them by your preferred programming languages or other interests.
• Jot down few Orgs that you are interested in, go to their home page, visit their IRC channel and say ‘I would like to know about the org and volunteer’, someone will definitely turn up to help you out.
• Pick one (or more) of these Orgs you selected which interests you the most and ask them on IRC ‘Hi I am interested in your organization how do I start contributing to it?’
• Join the mailing lists of the Org and read some of the mails to get an idea of how conversation takes place. (Learn about public mailing lists too)

Good! You will now mostly tackle all difficulties yourself from here.

Important miscellaneous points:
• Don’t take Gsoc as a job rather take it as an experience where you will learn new stuff specifically: how a large org works, how they communicate, etc. I am sure you will notice GSoC brings you closer to Open Source Organizations and the idea of FOSS.
• Never ever send a mail with no subject
• Before sending a mail remember to use a spell-checker.
• Always search the internet before asking any questions on IRC or mail.