Claiming to be “SOCIAL” we humans continually try to do things to prove that we are in fact social beings, but ARE WE?

Long time back, we settled into civilizations all across the globe, we even tried to populate the moon and the Mars, we grew larger and larger in numbers started to build stuff, discover things, imagine things and what not. With this approach we kept on doing things thinking only of the near future (ofc we cannot think beyond that). While doing this we cut off lots of trees and forests and never cared about them.

Suddenly, we see now everyone is worried about the Global Warming, Extinction of Species and other issues that we try to address now. We tend to move to renewable sources of energy to minimize our impact on the world, become Vegans, not use leather products, etc. When asked “why?” we say “because we are social and we believe all living beings have equal shares on the earth”, REALLY??

The Ugly Truth is that we are concerned of our own future and nobody else’s. We only try to look social to hide from our inner self, but the bottom-line is we are GREEDY

P.S. I don’t know why I am writing this, probably I am fussed enough by the useless acts of people who state we are social