It’s 1:47 and I am yet not able to sleep. Why?

Let’s try to understand this problem, called as insomnia by literate folks using some background from mathematics. If you can recall a chapter from your maths textbook of 11th or 12th grade called Mathematical Induction you were probably great at maths. If you want to try to solve it yourselves go ahead before you read the spoiler below.

Getting back to the original question of why can’t we sleep? To answer that let me ask you when did you last sleep? If your answer to this is “very late” continue reading.

Sleeping late for the first night is usually a result of sleeping through the day. However this habit usually (unless it’s Monday and you gotta work) develops further and further… It’s like the tiles falling one by one as shown in the picture


Sleeping late causes late wake up followed by dizziness and which is further followed by more daytime sleep. Thus leading to an endless number of sleepless nights.

Unless stopped by some external force such as your boss this process will keep going on and on..

Hence proved.