Since a lot of time, I have developed this idea of “inner geeks“. These are geeks who hide themselves so well in their extra-geeky activities that Yash Chopra wouldn’t know s/he obtained a degree in CS, with no fault of his. People of this genre could be found reading an OS lecture book at 8 on a Sunday morning or coding or sleeping after a full night of exhaustive coding but by the evening they will most likely be found in a pub, on a retreat, malls, or anywhere else. This is their disguise. Besides, they would also talk about a lot of HIMYM, BBT, BB, etc  But why?


Well all geeks are inner geeks but inner geeks aren’t always geeks. In a more mathematical way, or should I call it geeky way 

inner geek  is a subset of geekism

Now you might have started to realize that this blog is getting a bit geekish, well you would call me an inner geek too if you have already gotten the idea, have you?

I normally tend to write bigger blog posts, but I am too buy today. Hope to continue this from here.